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Negril Cafe not paying NIB nor Staff

BN, Can you keep me anonymous please. I am writing this letter in a lot of frustration because me or nobody else that works for Negril Cafe has collected a penny from NIB as yet nor have we been paid since February and it is because the owner of Negril Cafe Ms Lorinda Burnside-Skyers has not paid any contributions from October 2019.

This woman is very vicked and evil. She changed the locks on the stores on the 15th of march and all we got was a whats app sayin temporarily closed. But Wednesday 18th march she open 1 store which is jfk location and closed all of the locations except for the one on JFK and only called in the jamaican and haitian staff to work at that location because she most likely aint paying NIB for them foreigners.. The electricity at the store on village rd has been off from 2019 with a high bill of over 10 grand, but she would have a friend come and take the lock off but BEC notice and took the meter so we work in the heat in February 2020. This womans reply was she dont care. ms lorinda brunside skyers owes every business in Nassau (Bfs, coca cola , parkgate market , d'albenas , Bahamas waste , Caribbean gas, Bahamas water and sewage and BPL just to name a few. Also, Her business license is not up to date. This is not the 1st 2nd or 3rd time ms skyers is trying to get away with a scam like this she is a scammer and shouldn't be allowed to operate any business anywhere. I don't know which one of you government officials she jucin or related too. But she obviously has some connections to get away with all of this.

Can someone please instruct Ms. Skyers to pay her staff before i have to eat her since my cupboards are empty and im tired begging for food like i didn't work my ass off only to not be paid.

Lorinda your staff want our money and we want it now.

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