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The Youngs Family

(THE JOHNSONS NUMBER 2 AYE?) FAMILY OF 7 LIED ABOUT LOSING IT ALL TO LIVE BIG IN AMERICA! WHILE THEIR HOUSE STILL STAND STRONG IN A RICH NEIGHBOURHOOD IN FREEPORT! This family is not stranded they don't live where they stated in the video. They live over the bridge in Grand Bahama on Hawaii Ave. Their home had no damage at all. They are lying and committing fraud and embarrassing Bahamian people. They have a go fund me set up and was staying in a woman's home lying about how they lost everything in the storm. The woman's name is Mimi Curtis (chango). They are receiving donations and asking for cash. The mom's name is Pamela she has a business on the island that is at the end of emr (no damage) at all to it. In fact it is open and her boyfriend is running it. It is open today. Her new truck was parked outside. This is wrong. There are people who need real help. The FRAUD FAMILY IS Miguel Young, Meico Young, Pamela Young, Mataya Young, Mikiala (sp)Young and the child's name is A*********. They were on CBS and they have been collecting thousands from families all over America! Please share this to get them out! From committing fraud to innocent people.

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