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Candiland Lan The Forbidden Fruit

Hello BN I would like to remain anonymous I am a resident of Coral Harbour and just recently gave birth...The problem...there is a sissy outdoor nightclub being run in the HEART of our neighborhood. Two lesbian girls own this home and they have the yard setup like a fish fry outdoor club. The house in question is on a four way junction on the canal and houses surround ALL SIDES including my own.

These sissy gals use to do it before and people complained...they stopped for a year and has restarted this year...I am at my WITS END..a baby already has strange sleeping habits and THIS LOUD MUSIC which they have out on their gazebo close to the canal side sound like it is IN OUR ACTUAL YARD. To top it off they must be have police security because it look like no one can tell them anything.

To make matters worse when I drive thru the next corner to look young boys coming out the bush fixing clothes look no more than 16 17..I stand on my patio all kind of cursing and the air THICK WITH MARIJUANA...If these people have a license HOW THEY GET IT...WHO APPROVED SUCH A THING IN A TIGHTLY COMPACTED NEIGHBORHOOD..The houses are only several feet away from these people.They having big SISSY outdoor club with NO REGARDS FOR NEIGHBORS. How could Minister Dames and Commissioner Ferguson allow this and they are a part if this community

These people even have a WEBSITE Candiland Lan telling of the activities and a google map of how to get to their I said I am a corner before them and meet their property via the canal...other residents have also complained and we have spoken to the the Coral Heights neighborhood protection but to no avail I/WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR MY FAMILY AND THE REST OF THE NEIGHBOR'S...NEXT STOP MIN. DAMES..

See enclosed these people pamphlets and the other neighbors complaining in the Head Knowles group

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