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PM Opens Margaritaville Resort

PM To Say More About Increase in Covid Cases Soon

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said to restore the economy and the country, more Bahamians must be vaccinated.

He added that in the coming days, he would have more to say about public health measures and vaccines in response to the increase in cases, mostly on New Providence.

“I once again implore everyone to abide by the public health measures,” he said.

The prime minister’s comments came as he officially opened Margaritaville Resort in downtown Nassau.

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Carl Gibson
Carl Gibson

Another day another dumbness is looked at with fear but I say, stomp out this madness. Make it known that this will not be introduce in these islands or allowed to continue without immediate response.

Outline the rule of engagement for all the people in civil behavior again the people has to take control of their children and what they are leading to do.


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