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Taxi Gets Beat Up

Taxi Driver tells BN he was beaten up by a guest on Monday who slapped him upside the head twice and promised to “(BLANK) him up” while sitting in the backseat of his taxi.

The Bahamian driver said he reported the matter to the police, who was then offered $8,000 by the guest (das a crime). The driver then had to head to hospital to attend to his injuries.

We warned the taxi driver that the story is really not our type a story, but, for the sake of pure entertainment, we will take it into consideration while he shares with us the police report on the incident. We await the police report to followup with an update.

But we are still trying to figure out: How did the guest walked out of that TAXI after “piss-slapping” the driver upside the head? That taxi driver gats to be the last saint who was prepared to turn the other cheek! Ya done ain’t making no money and ya getting beat up too?!

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