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Island Pack Hacked


BN agents have investigated the IslandPay response and it makes no sense. All the other mobile money companies didn’t have the issue so it means that it is a security flaw in their system that allowed scammers to access their customers accounts and cards then withdraw all their money. Scammers gained access to the accounts and without any security, they were able move or withdraw all their customers money via Sand Dollar, cards or at their ATMs. Scammers took tens of thousands of dollars from NIB benefit holders and other customers like candy from a baby from the faulty IslandPay system.

Now Bn agents have gotten word that the former Government has IslandPay as a fore runner for the new NIB Payments Card. Tell me how IslandPay who has no locations, security issues and the worst reputation in the market can even be considered when it’s clear that they can’t handle proper security measures for their own system? Is this a trend???? God help NIB with that system if they select them. Who owns Island Pay??? Holowesko’s, Tony Ferguson, Lyford Cay Boys????

It’s clear that their team does not have the proper qualifications to secure their system. Again the biggest issue at hand is, IslandPay doesn’t seem to know how to fix this problem? Do they care or are they more interested in getting to 100 Million dollars of fraud from their customers that they make money on? All cards that were compromised are on the dark net and this will continue to be used by scammers until they change all of them. What is really going on with IslandPay!????? They don’t care about you and just brushed off their clients like it was their problem. I wouldn’t trust my money with IslandPay!

This is one of many leaks with IslandPay! Stay tune we will come back with more soon!


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