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Can our ears be deceiving us? Doc is trying to return as leader after the overwhelming referendum on his leadership at the polls? Come tell us our ears are deceiving us and this hot tea we are being served is just like warm water with no substance or sugar.

Now if Doc is trying to return as Leader then clearly Doc needs a Doc because he must be delusional at best and senile at worst. Why are we at BN getting Trump vibes? You do remember President Trump don't you? United States President who had clearly lost the election but refused to accept the results and held the country hostage in mass mayhem and confusion with his "count it again and they cheated us" narrative.

With a humiliating defeat at the polls many are still wondering why the Leader of the FNM remains to be Doc Minnis. Sure power can corrupt anyone, however maximum power is bound to corrupt more. With the introduction and implementation of the Emergency Powers the already out of touch PM Doc Minnis became more estranged and disconnected from the people and the people response was the same.

With the unbelievable defeat at the polls on September 16th 2021 and the increasingly alarming cries for Doc Minnis to retire to the sunset many cannot fathom why Doc Minnis still wants to lead. This level of desire can only be summed up as a belief of entitlement or delusions of grandeur further strengthening the claims of arrogante that has caused the FNM at the Polls.

The plan is clear now when Doc Minnis told his Parliamentary caucus, the Executives and Council members of the Party to allow him to stay on as Leader until a November convention it was nothing more than a facade and deception that allowed him to stall the Central Council of the Party with one skewed version of the truth and plan of action while secretly hatching a plan to seize and retain power while he engaged others to buy into his plans to remain on as Leader.

IF the Central Council of the FNM has any intent of one day returning to governance the first step is here and now. Those who support Doc Minnis must be branded as persons who do not have the Party's best interest at heart. They must likewise be seen as delusional and at best banished to the sunset with Doc Minnis. Those who are the the true Gatekeepers and Guardians of the FNM must now stand firm on feeble knees and take back their Party that existed long before Doc Minnis arrived and will survive long after he is given his retirement.

Like a train on a track that will not be derailed, the Central Council tonight must say with a resounding voice "Doc Minnis Your time is over! Resign and move over or expect to be embarrassed and disappointed in the convention coming." If for one second the FNM Central Council is foolish enough to continue to drink the dirty water and believe the narrative to allow Doc to remain as the leader again...then they should all look at themselves and realize how disconnected from reality they are.

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