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“FNM Chance of winning Election is still GOOD” Says Peter Turnquest

In his first public interview since his resignation, former DPM and Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest spoke highly about his Party the FNM. To many surprise DPM Turnquest did not speak ill of the FNM but rather emphasized the Party’s chances of winning at the polls are still possible, although there are many who believe otherwise.

Turnquest highlighted the fact that the world over have experienced challenges due to the corona virus. He said that the number of cases locally are now down to impressive amounts. He further said this was due to the government’s efforts in managing the pandemic along with the public adherence.

The pandemic had flat lined many countries and many countries far bigger than the Bahamas are still battling to get their numbers of infected cases down. The Bahamas has done that while still feeding her citizens during the shutdown of our major industry, Tourism for the past 9 months.

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