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DPM Ugly Truth 

What a shame our own Deputy Prime Minister. Peter Turnquest the Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas was in Freeport yesterday when he was approached by one of the victims that have lost a lot in the Hurricane when asked what is the government going to do to help the people. Turnquest responded, "Well we did not cause the Hurricane aye?" ...... To think this is who millions of foreigners are investing millions of dollars in Hurricane relief funds and given it to The Bahamian government to get the Bahamas back in shape... and yall given responses like this to the public? are yall really going to help these people as time continues on, or will they all have to defend for themselves? when the noise in the market quiets down and the world takes their eyes off of us? This is so serious... jah know and you wouldn't believe this is the man who oversees our treasury the "Minister of Finance". DPM in not so much words is basically implying that "it's not their fault" basically. If I was a foreigner I wouldn't put a dime in government-owned relief funds or nema owned, their both the same. DPM when you said right here you will get all of the help you need in this video, did you really mean that? a government complex will provide everyone with help? or did you just say that after realizing how you truly fell about us was already displayed and you have to try and cover it up? How do you feel about this Bahamas, the ugly truth is out, and it only took a not so polished in their eyes young person asking a simple question and a 10-second response. BN

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